Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kinds of Definition

1. Nominal Definition
-A definition which speaks about a term but not declaring anything about it. This is done by considering the origin of the term, by describing the term, by giving the synonym of the term or by citing an example that will represent the term

Classification of Nominal Definition

         a. Nominal Definition by Etymology – attained by tracing the origin of the term.
                                Ex.: Fraternity came from “frater”, which means “brother”.

         b. Nominal Definition by Description – attained by describing the term.
                                Ex.: A rose is a flower.

         c. Nominal Definition by Synonym – it is done by giving a word equivalent to the term.
                                Ex.: Being kind is being benevolent.

         d. Nominal Definition by Example – it is done by citing anything that will represent the term.
                                Ex.: Our Chief Executive is Benigno Simeon Aquino III.

2. Real Definition
-A definition, which declares something about the term. This kind of definition serves to explain about the nature and to distinguish it from other terms.

         Classification of Real Definition
         a. Real Definition by Genus and Specific Difference
             - a definition that explains the essence of a term by considering the intelligible elements that make up the term.
Ex.: A triangle is a figure with three sides
        “figure” – genus
        “three sides” – specific difference
          b. Real Definition by Description
              - It is done by stating the genus of the term but altering the specific difference by giving the logical property, which belongs to the term to be defined.

                    Ex.: A Police Officer is a man bestowed with authority to enforce a law.
                                       “man” – genus
                                       “bestowed with authority to enforce a law” – logical property
          c. Real Definition by Cause
              -It is attained by stating the genus of the term but altering the specific difference by tracing its cause. A cause could be its purpose, function, reason for existence, make-up or origin.

                    Ex.: A book is a written material made-up of several pages and is a source of information.
                           “written material” – genus
                           “a source of information” – cause or reason for existence


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